SAHALAAL is South Africa’s premier business listing service featuring Halaal Services and Products. “Ḥalāl (Arabic: حلال‎ ḥalāl, ‘permissible’)” or “Halaal”  is an Arabic word used amongst Muslims to referring to a permissible action or product/object to use.

To the general public, halaal is commonly associated with the preparation of food but it is more than that – it encompasses a wider range of goods and services such as  Islamic finance, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many others. It is therefore of  utmost importance for Muslims to consume Halaal products and to conduct their business and actions in a Halaal manner.

SAHALAAL’s main objective is to provide a single platform for Muslims to source and promote quality Halaal products and services to botha South African and international audience and are thankful to our community of business owners who contribute to make it a success.