House of Schwarma

House of Schwarma

This fast food outlet in the heart of Fordsburg’s CBD is conveniently located on the corner of Central and Commercial roads. An interesting mix of Syrian, Jordanian and Moroccan staff are happily there to welcome customers. Traditional Moroccon Schwarmas made on a Fala bread are top of the menu.

The most interesting part of the Schwarma meal is the selection of the fillings that ranges from Onions, tomatoes and cucumbers to pickled cabbage. Humuous, Garlic sauce and chilli are standard offerings to complement your meal. 

An interesting spin to the menu is fresh fruit juices. Made from fresh fruit while you wait. The Watermelon juice is amazing. The finished product tastes like the juice from an exceptionally sweet watermelon. At R15 for a medium cup, its great value for money.

House of Schwarma has a seating area outside the store. Sadly, Fordsburg has turned out to be a beggars “paradise which brings an unfettered stream of beggars while you eat. One can’t help but feel sorry for the beggars which would put a damper to any good meal. So, if you plan to visit the House of Schwarma, I suggest doing a takeaway.

The varied Moroccan bottled and canned products together with the TV thats permanently tuned into a satellite Arab channel provides a unique authenticity to this food outlet. In fact, it reminded me of a similar food outlet in the bustling city of Manhattan, New York, USA.

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