Maestros-Fine-dining-logo21Eating out at Maestro’s is indeed a fine dining experience. Situated in a nondescript house converted to a restaurant in Musgrave, Durban, Maestro’s is a fine dining destination venue. Having eaten there once before and having personally met Chef Ismail Arbee, I looked forward to the dinner with the family to celebrate son-in-laws birthday. Maestros

Chef Ismail recommended the Prawn infused steak as a main meal preference which incidentally is his personal choice. Whilst not my selection (prawns and steak is not my ideal combo), son ordered it and enjoyed the tender 300g fillet and prawn mix that was served with mash.

The other dishes consisted of lamb curry, steak and grilled chicken. All the meals were thoroughly enjoyed but particular mention must be made regarding the presentation. Fine dining would certainly not be fine if both, the ambience and presentation of the meal was not of the highest standard. Chef Ismail scored well on both items. 

Being a fine dining experience, the meal prices are expectedly above average. As the menu is available on the internet, there should be no surprises. All patrons who make the reservation and special trip out to Maestro’s should know what to expect. 

The service is aimed to be good but it really depends on the waiter serving you. I have observed a general high quality of training and consistency that one would expect at a restaurant such as Maestro’s. 

Whilst not a frequently affordable destination for most folk, Maestro’s is a highly recommended halaal fine dining experience in  Durban.

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