Mochachos Fordsburg is right on T


Mochachos Fordsburg is one of the few halaal franchisees that truly upholds its brand value and reputation in terms of quality. Whilst their chicken and chip spice is indeed unique, a gem in their menu (and not available at all stores) is their yummy T-Bone steak. Combined with their pap and chutney, its an unbeatable combination. A side garden salad is a fine complimentary addition to a wholesome protein filled meal.

You might find the chutney serving a bit too little but the friendly staff are always too happy to top it up for no additional fee.

Always ensure that you are a little early over peak periods such as lunch and supper as you may have to wait a little while for a free table. Like most fast food franchisers with a dining area, you order at the counter and the food will be brought to your table.

Mochachos Fordsburg also takes credit cards and is located on the busy Mint road in Fordsburg (diagonally across the Train),

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