Akhalwayas Protea Plaza Lenasia.. buy it on credit


Much to my surprise Akhalways Lenasia accepts credit cards! More importantly, another social media site “Ask Nanima” was the catalyst so I was informed. Apparently a post appeared on the site by someone indicating that if Akhalwayas accepted credit cards, they would definitely support them… well, a few dozen posts later, the chorus of voices was unanimous and the owners decided to take the good advice.

Yes, turnover did increase (if you were curious!) and the owners have not looked back on that decision. Surprisingly, the acceptance of cards is not overtly advertised… their are no customary “we accept….” signs. However, I was told that the signs were going up soon.

Sadly, I was unable to test the credit card machine due to connection problems (or my account was empty)… but I was not disappointed by the yummy slap chips and freshly fried Hake fish.

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