Panarottis Trade Route Mall revamped!


The revamp to the interior of Panarottis at Trade Route Mall brings a fresh change to a popular family Pizza destination. Panarottis is part of the Spur Corporation Group which consists of Spur, Panarottis, John Dory and Captain Doregos. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Panarottis also do an awesome steak (they too use the same Spur sauce! )

I am always treated to a medium grilled fillet steak which is always done to perfection! In fact, I literally ate my tongue (seriously bit it) the first time when settling into the most succulent steak I have ever eaten.


The NEW kiddies play area is a welcome addition to the outside dining area which is conveniently positioned at the entrance and outside seating area. This arrangement allows parents (who don’t mind the noise) to be close to their little ones while enjoying a delicious meal from the varied Panarotti menu comprising of Pastas and Pizzas as their speciality.

Our favourite starter has always been the Avo Del Mare (Tangy seafood cocktail served with sliced avocado (seasonal) and garlic flat bread) which can be found under “Light Meals”. Don’t forget to ask for the prawns to be cooked as they generally serve them raw.

Whenever the owner was present, my visits to Panarottis has always been filled with the attention to my personal preferences and I have never been disappointed by their quality of the food or service from their waiters.


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