Restaurant Kids Jungle Gyms. Attraction or parent trap?

imagesWe have a 2,5 year old energetic granddaughter who has developed a penchant for restaurant kids jungle gyms… especially Spurs. Jungle Gyms have certainly become a welcome introduction at various diners as they  allow parents to have a relatively uninterrupted meal while the little ones burn up some energy.

This blog post was precipitated due to the fact that I was encouraged to visit 3 different restaurants in one afternoon  in a quest to satisfy our Granddaughters appetite for this convenient form of entertainment.

However, I beg to ask whether these attractions have indeed been placed with another plot in mind… to keep us there longer? or to have us dragged there by our children? Sorry to those diners who don’t have a jungle gym as its quite evident who’s calling the shots when we decide to go out for a meal.

Parents are asking whether these Jungle Gyms are safe and if they are a breeding ground for germs? We have observed that all have minders in attendance who actively manage the behaviour of the kids. We particularly appreciate the face painting artistry.

So it looks like we need to arm ourselves with additional psychological weaponry to manage our granddaughters appetite for diner jungle gyms…

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