Write for SAHALAAL

Like most South African’s, you probably consume Halaal services and products regularly. If you are passionate about quality service and products then we want to hear from you. We are especially looking for reviewers from Urban centres in South Africa’s 9 provinces to help take our reviews National.Writing

We are also looking for writers who can submit non review based content for the site including editorials, feature articles, recipes or multimedia content. If you have an interesting idea for adding value to the site then please do contact us.

The one rule we do stick to is that we will only list establishments that serve Halal products and DO NOT SELL ALCOHOL. We are happy  to list Vegetarian and Fish outlets as long as they do not sell alcohol.

All reviews should  be completely impartial and neutral as this is vital to the integrity of the website and the review experience. We don’t intend scoring Halaal food outlets as we believe that by sharing our experiences through this blog, it will help improve service and food quality where there are shortcomings.

There is no hard or fast rule to our review blog. All we ask is for contributors to be honest both in terms of their positive and negative feedback. Neutrality is absolutely essential and we expect our reviewers to be 100% impartial. We also ask our contributors to only review products and services that they have no personal or financial declaration of interest in. We also encourage our reviewers to add a bit of their own personality to the review to make it unique.

Ideas to include in your review:

If its a restaurant, tell us where you are eating? Why did you choose to eat there? Who was eating with you? Where is the restaurant? What type of cuisine do they serve? Is there anything interesting we should know about the restaurant or the location that might be of interest to readers? Is there car parking available? Describe the restaurant? What are your thoughts on the decor? How many people does the restaurant seat? What are the toilet facilities like? Is it child friendly? Was it busy? etc…

Did you have a positive customer service experience? Rate the waiting staff? Was complimentary water served? Were the tables clean? How long did it take for you to receive your order?